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Introducing 3D Models

An exciting new way to interact with the Mehelle archive

A 3D model on the Mehelle map. The model can be interacted with directly in the viewer window. A larger version can be opened by clicking 'more info'

Over the past year we've been working in the background to bring 3D models, a new type of archive material, to Mehelle. These models are created using Polycam, a consumer photogrammetry app that uses photos of a object or location taken from multiple angles to create an interactive 3D model.

A 3D model of an elaborately decorated entryway in Sovetski. Click and drag to view the model from different angles

Photogrammetry offers an interesting new way to document the city, highlighting spacial relationships, object textures, macro detail, and allowing for more direct audience interaction; a natural compliment to the 360 video, conventional documentary, and the other tools used to build our archive since 2015. Where 360 video has been essential in documenting atmosphere by looking at surrounding spaces from a fixed point of view around the camera, photogrammetry allows us to turn the camera around, focusing instead on documenting fixed objects or points within that space.

Photogrammetry allows us to zoom in highlight specific points and objects in greater detail

Because the Mehelle map is built around Sovetski there are only three models currently featured on it. However in learning and practicing the software we've done photogrammetry scans all over Baku which can be viewed on our Sketchfab page.

Look forward to more 3D models on Mehelle over the next few months!


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