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A group of men laugh and play backgammon at a table set up in the street outside a closed store on Murtuza Muxtarov. Another man brings them some tea as they toss dice and insults.

Locals gather at night around a Novruz bonfire near Murtuza Muxtarov as it sparks and dies down. Around them the neighborhood has been demolished leaving a flat dusty plain. In the distance the windows of apartment blocks glow.

Part 13 of a taxi ride through Yasamal in the evening. This portion continues along a major road running along the edge of Yasamal. The streets are lined with large apartment complexes and parks. After reaching a major intersection, the ride turns back south, towards Sovetski. People walk down large sidewalks as the sun sets.

A weathered cafe built around a tall tree advertises hot street food on a busy section of Zərgərpalan.

Nabat Aşurbəyova is filled with people in the early evening.

Part 7 of a taxi ride through Sovetski at midday in early spring. This portion turns north, driving along the road marking the eastern edge of Sovetski. On the left side of the road apartment blocks hide Sovetski and allow in minimal traffic through small arched passages. Turning west, it follows the same route seen in part one of this taxi ride, and reenters Sovetski.

Graffiti on the wall of a home on Nabat Aşurbəyova reads: "Don't demolish here! " Below is written: "Don't use this for writing, it's not your dad's wall."

Part 10 of a taxi ride through Sovetski at midday in early spring. This portion turns south, driving through the demolished middle portion of Sovetski. Few buildings still stand in this empty space.

Mirzə Fətəli Axundov at midday. Behind the camera's loading position, a group of men play board games in a small courtyard.

A panoramic view from the top of an apartment complex on Azerbaycan Prospekt at midday. Looking across the street from the camera's loading position the apartment complexes separating Sovetski from the rest of Baku can be seen, and beyond them Sovetski itself. Large 1-3 story buildings and a few high rise buildings are under construction randomly throughout. To the right the Winter Park can be seen with the neighborhood of Forshtat between it and the camera. Along the horizon the Flame Towers and high rise construction in Yasamal can be seen.

A courtyard off of Zülfü Adigözəlov at midday. The entrances to homes stand all around the camera. To the right a small side street leads back to the main street. Laundry dries on a line above the courtyard. A cat plays in the sun.

Fizuli street during the early stages of demolition. A metal wall separates an empty lot from still standing homes. The road runs directly west towards Yasamal.