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Taksi gəzintisi 4, 9cu hissə: Süleyman Rəhimov, Murtuza Muxtarovla, Mirzə Fətəli Axundzadə arasında

Taxi Trip 4, part 9: Suleyman Rehimov, between Murtuza Muxtarov and Mirze Feteli Axundzade

Mart 2016

1080p 360 video | səfər

March 2016

1080p 360 video | tour

Part 9 of a taxi ride through Sovetski at midday in early spring. This portion turns west at an empty lot filled with recovered building material, driving along a road separating the demolished middle portion of Sovetski and the still standing northern portion. To the left a patchwork of demolished and still standing buildings run up the street.

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