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Taksi gəzintisi 4, 11ci hissə: Mirzağa Əliyev, Mirzə Fətəli Axundzadədən, Nabat Aşurbəyovaya tərəf, köhnə hamama qədər

Taxi Trip 4, part 11: Mirzagha Aliyev, from Mirze Feteli Axundzade, to Nabat Ashurbeyova, ending at old hammam

Mart 2016

1080p 360 video | səfər

March 2016

1080p 360 video | tour

Part 11 of a taxi ride through Sovetski at midday in early spring. This final portion continues through the demolished middle portion of Sovetski, passing mounds of earth, demolition equipment, and moving vans, before turning south into a small collection of still standing buildings. The ride ends at the former site of a hammam.

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