Taksi səfəri 1, 13cu hissə: Nabat Aşurbəyova, Bəşir Səfəroğlu ilə Mirzağa Əliyev arasında

Taxi Trip 1, part 13: Nabat Ashurbeyova, between Beshir Seferoglu and Mirzagha Aliyev

İyun 2016

1080p 360 video | səfər

June 2016

1080p 360 video | tour

Part 13 of a taxi trip around Sovetski at midday. This portion turns north from Teze Pir Mosque and drives several blocks through the southern portion of Sovetski in various stages of demolition before emerging into the fully demolished middle portion of Sovetski. Workers collect material from partially demolished homes.

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