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A plaque marking the home of Cəlil Məmmədquluzadə in the Sovetski neighborhood of Baku, Azerbaijan. He was the founder of the satirical magazine ‘Molla Nesreddin’.

The exterior of a home on Chingiz Mustafayev Street in the Sovetski neighborhood of Baku, Azerbaijan. Two commemorative plaques hang on the facade; one is for Chingiz Mustafayev himself, a journalist who covered the Karabagh War, and another for a soidier who died in the same war. The home is shaded by a large tree. Next to the tree an alley runs along side the home towards more residences.

A spacious staircase between apartments in a residential building in the Sovetski neighborhood of Baku, Azerbaijan. The walls are covered with a set of classical paintings. Light streams through a large window.

Central Park, close to where it meets with Yasamal. familes walk down winding sidewalks in the early evening. Behind the camera's loading position an historical well similar to the one that used to stand on the corner of Suleyman Rahimov and Abdulla Shaig streets has been placed in the park.

The view from under a tree in Central Park. People socialize all around in semi-private spaces built between groups and trees and scultped hills.

A staircase between the parking garage and Central Park above. Plants crawl through a slated window through which the new Mirzaeaga Aliyev street can be seen and heard.

Central Park, near Sulyeman Rahimov street. Sculpted hills in the park create private spaces with benches for socializing. People walk through the park and socialize in the early evening.

Central Park, near Sulyeman Rahimov street. People socialize in the park in the early evening. Sculpted hills and groups of trees create a sense of isolation in the park, seperating it from nearby streets.

The edge of Central Park and an area still under construction in the early evening. In front of the camera's loading position a raised section of Central Park runs up to Teze Pir Mosque, behind the camera and obscured by tall trees. To the left a few homes still stand in a large demolished area.

The entrance to Central Park between the Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theater and the new Fizuli Street. Cars drive up the new road towards Yasamal. A parallel sidewalk cuts over to Chingiz street.

Central Park in the early evening. Groups of men have set up tables to play nerd as kids play football around them. Familes walk in and out of the park from Sulyeman Rahimov street which runs in front of the camera's loading position.

Central Park next to the new Mirzeaga Aliyev street in the afternoon. Behind the camera's loading poition a low hill seperates the park from the main road. To the slight right the Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theater stands on the other side of a sidewalk.

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