Taksi gəzintisi 4, 4cu hissə: Bəşir Səfəroğlu, Mirzə Fətəli Axundzadə ilə Zərgərpalan arasında

Mart 2016

1080p 360 video | səfər

Taxi Trip 4, part 4: Beshir Seferoglu, between Mirze Feteli Axundzade and Zergerpalan

March 2016

1080p 360 video | tour

Part 4 of a taxi ride through Sovetski at midday in early spring. This portion turns east at Teze Pir Mosque, driving down hill past homes and businesses. Cars are parked in the street, narrowing it and contribute to a mix of cars and people navigating through the traffic.

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