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Taksi gəzintisi 3, 8ci hissə: Qədirli, Şahhuseyn Məscidi ilə Salatın Əsgərova arasında

Sentyabr 2016

1080p 360 video | səfər

Taxi Trip 3, part 8: Qedirli, between Shahhuseyn Mosque and Salatin Esgerova

September 2016

1080p 360 video | tour

Part 8 of a taxi ride through Yasamal in the evening. This portion continues north through winding streets. A mix of homes and small markets line the streets. The street occasionally widens into small courtyards where men gather to play boardgames. In all directions large apartment high rises can be seen in the distance. People walk down the narrow streets as the sun sets.

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