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A parking lot and residential courtyard next to a set of apartments on Qədirli during the early evening. a group of people socialize outside an apartment building as the sunsets.

A dog chews on the camera

A man carefully places a potted plant in an empty lot. Beyond him, apartment blocks with new facades separate Sovetski from Yasamal.

A lone home stands on Abdulla Şaiq surrounded by empty lots. Graffiti partially covers its walls. Behind it a new road runs close by.

The new Neriman Nerimanov street seen from above before being opened to traffic. People walk and socialize in the wide road under yellow street lights.

The old wireframe of a car-shaped billboard stands on top of an apartment block. Clouds lazily drift in the late afternoon sky.

Boarded up homes on Said Rustamov as people begin to move away pre-demolition. Painted on one door a warning, "There's a dog in the yard". The streets are empty.

Movers sit next to their truck on Said Rustamov. Kids play in the street behind them. People walk around the truck on their daily routines.

A walkthrough of the intersection of Said Rustamov and Nabat Aşurbəyova. An archway leads out to the main road where Teze Pir Mosque sits.

Movers take a break at the intersection of Said Rustamov and Zülfü Adigözəlov.

A car waits impatiently at an intersection while a man slowly waves another car through.

A lamb searches for food while tied up outside a small market.